Tips For Husbands

First, never step on the emotions of a woman. Second, encourage womenfolk to step out of their routine and comfort zone. Third, encourage some creativity and some acts of kindness. Four, let them take some time off to be quiet, and observe nature.

We all take time off and go on vacation, but talking too much and talking all the time spoils the whole vacation. You come back tired, tanned and tired. Sometimes, one needs to take some time off to be quiet and spend a few moments in silence; meditate, and be with nature.


Surrender has happened when you know that your life is insignificant in the span of time and space. When you know there are millions and millions of stars, how big the solar system is, where the Earth is – then what is one’s life? When you see this, surrender has happened.


This is what knowledge does, it cleanses our mind from all this; cravings, aversions, sorrows and regrets are taken away and you feel alive and fresh again.


Q: When you tell me to smile, I am unable to smile when I have problems. How can you help me?

Guruji: You know what obscures your smile? It is your desire. You want something and you are holding onto that thinking, “I want this, I want this.” That is what is making you miserable. Just wake up and say, “I don’t care” for a minute.

Drop the desire and say, “I don’t want this”, the next second something comes up in you, and that is a smile. Just say “I don’t want this, I’ll get whatever I need. Even if I want to meet Gurudev, I don’t care, I don’t want to meet him!”

If that is bothering you, kick that desire too! Then you will see that you are totally relaxed and in total peace. As I said, three things obscure our being:
The ego
The intellect
So freeze these things for a little while and then see how meditation happens. Even just this intention, “I want to freeze these three things”, immediately makes a difference.


Q: Could you speak about how reality seems so real yet it is unreal?

Guruji: Best example is your own dreams. When you are dreaming, it looks so real but when you wake up it is unreal. That’s it. So easy!

Om Namah Shivay

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