What is Brahmacharya?

Q: What is Brahmacharya? How can I follow Brahmacharya when there are so many distractions around?

Guruji: ‘Brahma’ means infinity. ‘Charya’ means moving in infinity. That means the state of mind that is focused on the whole (infinity) — in such a mind there is no possessiveness, there is no lust, there is no greed; none of these negative impressions cloud the mind. That is what it exactly means. Abstinence is a result of this; it is a part of it.
See, when you have an examination or something very important to do, when your mind is in that, then the mind is not going to any part of the body, or focusing on some fascination, or sex. You are busy. Your mind is moving towards something bigger. Isn’t that one’s experience? Then you experience moments of Brahmacharya. If you are engaged in something, or when you are in deep love, then also this happens automatically. So Brahmacharya is a happening, it is not a practice per se. It is what happens when your consciousness expands.

Q: I am very naughty and do a lot of mischief and got badly scolded as well. I know you were also very naughty then how come you didn’t get any scolding anytime?

Guruji: Oh! I also used to be scolded, and that adulthood is not even worth which hasn’t undergone scolding in the childhood!
If you are happy you want to spread happiness. If you are agitated you want to be violent. If you are angry then you want to express that. If you are jealous you want to express that, and if you are happy and in love, you want to spread that.
To purify the intellect, listen to knowledge. What is knowledge? It is the awareness that everything is temporary and I am the witness to everything that is happening.
Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.

Om Namah Shivay

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