The self is the centre of the whole creation-2

Same thing with music. Okay you like beautiful music. How long can you enjoy music? One hour, two hours, some of us twenty four hours music, seven days a week!  You cannot breathe.  You shut it off! That wonderful music which gave you so much pleasure, if its over done, that brings you pain.  So that has to give you relief also.  Do you see that? The entire creation gives you enjoyment and liberation and relieves you.  You have to get yourself liberated from all this at some time or the other.  Otherwise that becomes pain.

He goes on describing how there are grades in this.  “[1655:Sattwik, rajasic and tamasic].  The tamasic here is more dullness. Rajasic is more activity.  Sattwik is more light and more freedom.  Like if you take food which is natural, if you take apple pie, it is good for health and gives you pleasure.  But if you go into drugs, it just entraps you.  It seems to give you pleasure, but only gives you pain, only suffering and it is hard to get out of it.  So that is tamasic.  Tamasic, rajasic, sāttwik.  The whole creation is made up of three gunas, three natures. Certain food you take makes you a model, certain foods make you more agitated, active. Everything is from these three different gunas.  There are some specialties about it. All these details are there. 

“Drashta drushimctraha shuddopi pratycyanupashyaha’’ (II Sūtra 20)

drashta = the self; drushimctraha = consciousness only; shuddaha = pure; api = even though; pratyaya = mixes; anupashyaha = covered intellect.

“The self is pure consciousness only, but when it gets mixed up with the intellect, it gets covered.”

The self, though it is ever pure, untainted, it is just a witness.  But when it becomes one with the buddhi, the intellect, then it gets colored. It appears as though it is colored.  Somebody who is stuck with their intellect, they just stick to their thoughts and ideas as though it is their own.  They suffer a lot.  The self is the centre of the whole creation.

Om Namah Shivay

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