Generosity is the Quality of the Spirit

When you feel stuck in life and not growing, bombarded by desires, when there is dryness, lack of enthusiasm, no juice, what do you do? Here is the solution, FEEL GENEROUS, right away, not tomorrow.

Either a princess or a pauper can feel generous. Generosity is the quality of the spirit. When you feel generous your life becomes abundant, full of compassion and love.

Generosity is an expression independent of external circumstances. No one can make you feel generous. That is something that you have to do yourself. Essentially, generosity is not an act. It is a state of consciousness, but it cannot but find its expression in an act.

Just feel generous!
Anything you gave, bounces back to you. What we gave, comes back to us.
Q: What to do when some people ask money to visit sacred places?

Guruji: When someone asks you to give money in the name of God, use your discrimination. If you feel that the person is not true, do not give them money.
Q: Why are people into conversion? Do they have an identity crisis?

Guruji: You know, people leave one religion and go to another religion because they have not studied their own religion properly. This is a problem. They have not understood their faith, or the essence of it fully. This happens especially in the Hindu faith because we are simply going on with the rituals and we don’t understand it or study it. There are not many opportunities to study the Vedantic scriptures, or Yoga scriptures, or Yoga Vasistha, or books like this. So we know very little about our Vedas or Vedic heritage, especially in India. So people tend to convert.
I feel that they should first study their own faith in depth; whatever faith they are born in.

Do not denigrate the faith you are born in when you convert. Conversion is your free choice. But do not insult the faith or denigrate the faith.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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