How to be a Good Manager?

Remember one thing, the one who manages this universe does not make it so obvious that he is doing it; or that He is in control.
Similarly, manage from behind. Leading from behind is the best.

When you want to lead a project you should not emphasize your leadership too much. You should do it from behind.

There is a saying in Sanskrit, Paroksha Priyahi Vai Devaha, which means that the Gods like to do things indirectly and not so obviously.
A person feels, ‘I am doing it’, but it is the Gods who make them do it. So they give the people the joy of feeling that they are doing it, but in reality, it is the Divine energy that does it in a subtle manner, which is not so obvious.
Everyone is not just going to be smiling and accepting you as you are, and unconditionally being in a giving and loving space. That is not possible. You will have to face reactions, and you should face it, that is all.

Beauty has three levels: Indication, Expression and Exposure. Spirituality indicates, Art expresses, and Science exposes.
Q: Why are there bad people in this world?

Guruji: Why don’t you ask a movie maker to make a movie only with the hero in it? Life is a struggle of both good and evil, but only good will prevail.

Go with the feeling that I want nothing, I only want to contribute. My life is there is contribute. If you get into a relationship with this mindset, you will find a big difference in your life. –
No animal has a tail which cannot be wagged. So all our problems are just like the tail of an animal, which we can always fix. If this faith is strong in our mind, then you will be peaceful.
Q: Why are all my desires getting fulfilled?

Guruji: When you become a seeker and attend to your Sadhana (spiritual practices) regularly, you will see that your desires start getting fulfilled automatically.

Om Namah Shivay

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