Maintaining relationships

Q: I don’t feel comfortable maintaining relationships and without them I feel sad and depressed. How to handle this?

Guruji: At least you became aware of what is the problem. Keep going, keep yourself busy, time will pass. You will overcome this. No state of mind is permanent. It all changes. And listen to Ashtavakra, it will give you enormous strength.
If you go a little deeper, you will see that we are all one. There is only one consciousness, and we are all made up of this. Everything has come out of this, and everything dissolves into this. This is the essence of life. 
Q: How did you know you were a Guru? Did you have a Guru? Sometimes I wonder if I’m a Guru, may be just for myself. What would you say to that?

Guruji: You can’t be a surgeon for yourself. You may be a surgeon but you can’t be your own surgeon, right? So your mother is your first Guru. A mother teaches you. Of course, a Guru is one who is unconditional in his attitude and approach towards you. You should play the role of a Guru unconditionally. You help others or care for someone with wisdom. Then you are playing the role of a Guru to them too. If you help somebody with an attitude of ‘I want nothing, I just want your progress’ then you’re a Guru to them. Yet don’t demand them to accept you as Guru. No, a real Guru does not demand anything, not even gratitude from somebody.

Q: When we read about bad deeds in the newspaper, does it also affect our karma?

Guruji: No, you should read it lightly. If you take it into yourself, yes it affects your mind. It won’t affect anything else. Read lightly and forget it. It’s all part of the Universe.
Q: Can you talk about certain rituals performed while doing pooja?

Guruji: There are some rituals which you can fathom with your intellect, yet some others are so intuitively profound that you can only merge in them and enjoy.
On a very gross level, Pooja is imitation of what Divine or Nature is doing to us. Divine offers us all kinds of fruits and flowers, bestows rain, worship us taking millions of stars around us. An imitation of this divine phenomenon, expressing our gratitude, is pooja. Yet, it is good not to get stuck in too much of rituals. Your feelings are good enough for a pooja to happen. However a little bit of rituals at home, like burning incense sticks, keep the spirit of the place high.

Om Namah Shivay

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