How can we control the mind?

Guruji: Through the breath. If you can control your breath then know that you can control your mind. Do pranayama and once you keep doing pranayama you will start gaining control on your mind. You cannot control the mind directly, it is not possible. When you like something then the mind is there fully.
Suppose you like a movie, that 2-3 hours you are totally focused. Your focus stays on the television or the screen because you like something. Mind gets focused when there is liking towards something. When you don’t like something and still you have to focus, then take the help of the breath. Breath can help the mind focus.
If you love something you don’t need to focus, it is already there. Love brings focus along with it. Greed and fear can also help you focus. If none of these three things work then the fourth one I would say is dispassion. Dispassion can bring focus.

Q: You often talk about multiple realities. Please tell us some more. Please tell us more about angels, guardians, devas, etc.

Guruji: Yes, it is altogether a very deep subject. As I said, the world is of multiple layers. On one level of quantum physics, everything is made up of just one thing. But when you come to periodic tables in classical chemistry, then it is different. There are different metals and different substances. Both are true. Classical chemistry is as much a reality as quantum physics. So all these angels, guardians, spirits, souls are like classical chemistry.
If you see your earrings, your bangles, your chain, all are made up of gold, but a bangle cannot be a chain and chain cannot be a earring. They are all very different. Similarly, this entire hall is all made up of wood, but still the flooring is not the ceiling and the ceiling is not the door and doors are not the stage. So they are all very different.
It may be very contradictory when you just listen to it. This whole hall is made of wood, but the floor is different, ceilings are different, pillars are different. They are all different. This is what many people miss. That is why this creation is very intriguing and very complex. Understanding the creation itself is a challenge. It is moving into the mysteries. Sometimes you cannot explore all the mysteries but you can live them fully.Living the mystery is spirituality. Understanding them is science. They go hand in hand.

Om Namah Shivay

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