Scientific ways to make you look more attractive-1

Believe it or not, there are scientific ways to make you look more attractive. In fact, psychologists have spent years in finding out how to make the socialisation process and relationships work better. So why not take advantage of that?

Read on as we tell you 11 things that will help you shine in your social circle.

1. Smile more

Two studies conducted in Switzerland revealed that smiling and attractiveness are directly related. The stronger your smile, the more attractive your face looks. In fact, a happy face can really attract people. Grumpy people, are you listening?

2. Avoid the small talk.

Psychologist Arthur Aron conducted a study in the State University at New York, in which two groups of undergrads were created. One was created for small talk, and the other was more inquisitive. It was concluded that people who ask more personal questions and have deep conversations feel more connected to others. Turns out beating around the bush is a bad idea. Get to the point, and ask whatever questions you want to without embarrassing them.

3. Be kind

In a study from China, 100 men and women looked at images of other men and women and rated each picture on attractiveness. Each image had to be paired with a word that described either a positive personality trait or a negative one.
The results showed that people with positive traits were considered more attractive.

4. Wear red

A 2010 cross cultural study found that women are most attracted to men wearing red. It is believed that everything becomes automatically more pleasing in red. Red symbolises power and ambition. In fact, wearing red may work for women too.

5. Be more attentive

Research among undergrads conducted in Australia suggested that women found attentive men more attractive than those who seemed lost. It further said that mindful men who paid more attention to their partners during the brief interactions did a better job at regulating their anxiety, which made them a lot more attractive.

Om Namah Shivay

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