An ancient drink that will change your health-1

Benefits of buttermilk

Buttermilk is also called as chaas is common drink in most Indian households. Buttermilk, an Indian diet for healthy summers is found in every home. It is rich in lactic acid much more beneficial than skim milk. There are some health benefits of buttermilk which will not only let you have a healthy summer season but keep you active and away from summer ailments.

Keeps the body hydrated

Buttermilk is a tasty combination of water, curd, essential spices and salt. It is packed with beneficial electrolytes, along with salt and water works to keep our body hydrated. It is an excellent drink for summer when we need to fight dehydration.

Cuts down fats

If you feel like a stranded whole or simply have eaten too much then drink the little bit of buttermilk. The ginger, pepper and other spices in chaas help to improve the digestion and make you feel less uncomfortable. Apart from that buttermilk is very effective in washing down the fat, oil or ghee that normally coats inner walls of your food pipe and stomach making you feel instantaneously lighter.

High in calcium

Buttermilk is a rich source of calcium. A cup serving of buttermilk will satisfy 28% of your calcium. Calcium is a nutrient that promotes stronger, denser bones. It reduces the risk of bone disease including osteoporosis. Calcium also aids in muscle contraction and supports cell communication.

Reduces blood pressure

Buttermilk is rich in bio-active protein which has antiviral, anticancer and cholesterol lowering properties. Having buttermilk on a regular basis helps in lowering and control blood pressure. It works as a natural remedy to reduce high blood pressure.

Help in digestion

Ginger, pepper and jeera all make an excellent digestive agents. Known for their carmative properties individually together in the tall glass of buttermilk, they make best natural digestive out there. So, If you feel an attack of indigestion coming on try sipping on some chaas for immediate relief. Are you suffering from the indigestion? Try mint to quiet your digestion trouble.

Om Namah Shivay

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