Perception and Expression

Life is all about perceptions – how we should see things, where we should drop our judgements, and where we should have discrimination. Second is our expression. Are we able to express ourselves correctly?

Each one of us has such wealth, beauty and goodness within us. But if we don’t express it properly, we will be misunderstood in life. This is what is happening all over the planet. We have not learned how to express ourselves, and we say others misunderstand us. We put the blame on others that no one understands us. Many girls here do that. Boys do not complain as much as girls about not being understood properly.

Today, like dressing is unisex, emotions are also unisex. Everyone gets the same feeling – even men say I am not being understood, at least by their wives or girlfriends.

So, expression is very important and here again it all boils down to that one principle – we all need to do something to cleanse our energy from negativity.

When you have a Guru in life, how can there be lack of any kind? When you have a Guru, then you do not go about crying and complaining about little things in life. You gain such strength and stability, that whatever you think of starts to manifest and happen.
When you go for negotiations, dialogues, and talks, there is so much stress. And Yoga is something that can relieve us all from stress.

Q: How do I know if I really love someone or is it merely attraction?

Guruji: Time will tell you. Ask them to behave tough towards you and then you will know. When someone puts too many demands on you, then you will be able to know how much you really honor them.
Q: I have failed in two love relations. What do I do? How many times will my heart break? I am shattered. Why is the one whom I love married to someone else?

Guruji: Do not worry. There were only 2 failed relationships. Even to pass the IAS (Indian Administrative Services) exam you get 3 chances. Never mind. You are getting experience from this – to love and let go.

Om Namah Shivay

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