Cleansing Our Vibes

Neither at school nor at home did anyone teach us how to handle our mind, how to feel the freedom from within, how to be loving or free, and have a sense of belongingness with everybody. Nobody taught me at least – at college, or school, or university, or even at home! This is very important – we should learn how to cleanse our own vibes. We carry our vibes, and that’s how we communicate.

Suppose you go to an interview and you are tensed or angry, the interviewer will know how unstable you are, or nervous you are, or if you lack confidence. They pick that up, not from your words but from your vibes. And we are all capable of sensing vibes.

You may have observed that some people’s vibes just repel you. Tell me, would anyone here like to have vibes that repel. Not one would, right? But this happens when we carry negativity, and when we don’t know how to get it out of us. This is what we have to learn.

Then there are those who may not know so much, but they carry joyful, enthusiastic vibes along with them, and people would like to hire them! Just think for a moment, if you are an employer, what type of people would you want to work with? Someone who is ready, enthusiastic, and full of energy, or someone who is nervous, not confident, and worrying about what he mugged up or didn’t?

Q: It is said that the worship of the formless divine takes the sadhak (seeker) to a different state than the worship of the Divine with form.

Guruji: You have to go from the form to the formless. If you jump only to the formless, that path is full of misery.

Lord Krishna said in the Gita, that there are people who worship the formless, but that path is full of pain and sorrow. You can see this yourself. Take Moses for example, his path has been very miserable and sad. Jesus – his life was so sad. Take the example of Mohammad Paigambar, he had to undergo so much pain and struggle, and the bloodiest part of history is his. It continued after him too, all his family members had a very painful and sorrowful state.

This is the reason why Buddha said, “Buddham sharanam gachhami”, i.e., I go to Buddha for refuge. Buddha is the formless in the form. Then he said, “Sangam sharanam gachhami”, i.e., I surrender myself to the society and take refuge in the service of society. And then he said, “Dhammam sharanam gachhami”, i.e., I take refuge in the ultimate truth.

To get away from misery, Buddha said four things; recognise there is misery. There is a reason for the misery. It is possible to get out of misery. To get out of misery, take refuge in the enlightened or Buddha. Again, Buddha is the formless in the form. Lord Krishna said the same thing, “Aham tvam sarvapapebhyo, mokshapapebhyo mokshayishyami ma sucah”. Lord Krishna very clearly said that those who worship the formless, their path is very tedious and full of misery. That is true.

Any worship is only for the formless, but the path through the form makes it joyful, easier and more perceivable for people. You may choose a path with rubble and a lot of potholes, or you may choose a nice road, a highway. This choice makes a difference.

Om Namah Shivay

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