Dealing with Misunderstandings

When people have misunderstandings, they say, “Let us talk it out”. This ‘talking it out’ makes it worse. People should just live in the present moment and keep moving to the future. Don’t stop, and talk to them as if nothing has ever happened before; totally be in the moment. This is the best way to behave and to get over the past. Digging into the past and then complaining or giving an explanation are stupidity. Also, if someone comes to explain, you should not listen. If someone comes to explain, tell them, “Come on, forget about it. Move forward, I never turn back and see what happened. I am very fast. I have so many things to do”.

Who is going to sit and listen to why you said something, or what you did in the past? Your mind is not in your control, and you blabber something, who cares? Why should I be pulled into your mind’s rut?

Sometimes people say, “Gurudev, you are not listening to me”. I say, “I won’t listen. I have no time”.

You made a mistake and then you try to explain why you made all those mistakes. You become so innovative! You don’t even know that you have committed a mistake. Then you become innovative and try to give some explanation for it! Who is bothered to listen to such things? What is the use of post-mortem? Waste of time! Young girls, you all listen to this very carefully: Never ask for explanation or even listen to an explanation. We should just move on. We don’t have time for such things.

Educate and ignore. There are two ways to ignore. One is just ignoring the past, but better is to educate and ignore. If someone thinks or says something about you, just tell them, “Look, I did not mean to do this thing to you. What you are thinking is wrong”. One word, that’s it. Finished. Move on!

Life Is like a River

Life is like a river. Sometimes muddy water fills the river, sometimes clear water fills it; sometimes all the leaves of the fall float in the river and sometimes logs float, but the river never stops. A river has something to teach us, and that is — just move on. That’s it.

It’s okay to scream at somebody. It doesn’t matter if you have done it in the past. Never mind, don’t repeat it in the future. And don’t sit and keep regretting it either, “Oh, I did that”. Well, you did it, what to do now? It is finished! Move on and on, don’t stop. If the water stops, it stagnates and rots, if it keeps moving, it becomes clear.

Q: How does one release a deep seeded fear of death?

Guruji: First of all, don’t think that fear is deep seeded. What is deep seeded is love and fear cannot be as deep as love, fear is only the circumference. There is an intense sensation and if you go deep into that sensation then on the other end you will come to a space where there is total relaxation and love.

Meditation is very useful to turn around all these negative emotions of fear, hatred, jealousy, etc., and you will see the other side where there is serenity, peace, confidence and compassion.

Om Namah Shivay

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