Is God a Mathematician?-3

At the point of big bang there was no design, no harmony, no order. Now through billions of years of evolution we have ourselves – a feat of engineering and architecture of such sophistication that most of it (especially the human brain) is still beyond our grasp. Even a simple function like duplicating the work of kidneys (dialysis) is so clumsy and inefficient compared to the way normal kidneys function, is amazing. The small seed carries within itself the software of an entire tree. But if you cut open the seed and analyze, you won’t find that invisible programme that gives birth to a huge tree. Inside the seed is an intelligent design. Let me again emphasize with what I am trying to say with Einstein’s words: “The deeply emotional conviction of a presence of a superior reasoning power which is revealed in the universe, forms my idea of God”.

Some would say that mathematics is both an invention and a discovery. Discovery first and invention later. They say that mathematics is like a language like any other and hence a human invention. But we have already seen that this universe runs on mathematical principles and those principles would still be in motion and working even if we human beings become extinct. Numbers like 1,2 or 3 or symbols like + or – may be human concepts but the mathematical relations, though abstract, exist. Some other alien civilization may use mathematical concepts using entirely different symbols. What about the Greeks? Don’t they have a different alphabet? But the essential mathematical reality exists irrespective of the language. Language only describes what is, it doesn’t make up things.

So we find that the universe has been composed using the language of mathematics. After discovering that language we are able to make sense of the universe. We are also inventing our own variations of that language like adding to the vocabulary and creating new idioms and modes of expressions. But we should always remember with humility that we can study only a fragment of this vast universe at a time. The entire design (or mathematics) is simply beyond the grasp of the human intellect. If we knew the entire pattern then we would know the “mind of God”. That is not given to us. So is God a Mathematician or is Mathematics itself an attribute of God?

However, this should not be taken to mean that describing God as a mathematician is an attempt to define him. God is not only a mathematician but the Master Magician who spins this web of Maya; the Supreme Artiste who paints beauty on the canvas of the universe; the Virtuoso Musician who is the source of sound (Naad Brahma); the Lyrical Poet who composes the song of life; the Lord of Dance who is eternally present in the dance of life and death (Nataraja). He is all of these and much more about which we can never have complete knowledge. He has been amply praised in all his other roles. I wanted to praise him in his role of a mathematician as well. This is my homage to the Ultimate Mathematician.

Om Namah Shivay

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