The Brahma granthi is located at muladhara chakra or at the navel.

This is the knot of samsara, the world of names and forms (Nama-Rupa) because brahma created this world of names and forms!
This knot creates restlessness and an inability to meditate………..
The Vishnu Granthi is located at the anahata or heart chakra.
This knot produces compassion, attachment to the cosmic good and a keen desire to help suffering humanity
It binds one to spiritual organizations and orders.
This knot creates a desire to preserve ancient knowledge, traditions institutions spiritual orders
This attachment is further strengthened by the heart chakra, which is the chakra of devotion faith and love
But even this is a bond. It can be untied with viveka, gyana and shraddha – discrimination, knowledge and faith. Then you can understand the cosmic plan and go beyond the attachment of preservation. You will lose your attachment caused by emotional ties to traditions and commitments that appear as loyalty to a particular order.
Individual ego dissolves and the will of God prevails. Yogis who have untied this knot hear the cosmic sound and hear mantras, which they give to the world……..
The Rudra Granthi is located in the region of the third eye.
Untying this knot will take you to the Anandamaya kosha.
On reaching this knot a yogi becomes a tattvaateeta – beyond the five tattvas of earth, water etc
On reaching this knot time-bound consciousness dissolves and the yogi is established in infinity and can see the past, present and future very clearly.
The rudra granthi is now an obstacle for a yogi who is interested in siddhis.
Untying this knot by being detached from the siddhis and crossing the gunas, the yogi becomes a gunatita. This is what Krishna told Arjuna to become.
The yogi is now in the advaita state of eternal bliss and non-dual consciousness.

Om Namah Shivay

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