We Must Remember These Three C’s

See life from a bigger context. What is ego? You think you have achieved something? What are you? Who are you? You are nothing! You are not even a speck in this creation! Billions of years have passed, and billions will come in the future, in this great span of time we are nowhere! So when we give a bigger context to life, the ego simply starts dissolving or just smiles – it is not an angry ego, but a smiling ego.
Then commitment; when life has commitment towards human values such as compassion and non-violence, then life flows in a proper direction.

Then compassion, which is a natural thing. We all have compassion. In fact I would say there is not one person who does not have compassion on the planet; in some it is only not expressed, it is covered and needs uncovering.
Q: I am very restless or I am very sleepy. How do I get a better balance for meditation?

Guruji: These experiences are so common for a beginner. If you are just beginning to meditate, restlessness comes up or you feel very sleepy. When stresses get released from your system, such a passage may be common. A scientist in Oslo University found how the chromosomes of your body change! He just told me some very exciting news. So when stress release happens, the chemical or structural form in which stress was stored gets released, you get all these experiences. Your endocrine system readjusts itself, because we have violated our body in so many ways so many times. We have not kept the balance; we have not honored our own body, so jerks may happen. How many of you have found some jerks? Emotions may come up and you feel completely confused. All this may happen. It’s not that it should happen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and you say am I not releasing any stress? That person is getting stress released and I am so quiet. Don’t compare your experience with anybody whatsoever. We all are so different. Everybody’s nervous system is so different. And at different times, different experiences come to different people. So at any time we should never compare our experiences with others and feel sorry or happy about it.

Om Namah Shivay

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