Transformation Pillars of the Society

Q: You say that during Yagnas, energy increases. Given that energy cannot be created or destroyed, how does the energy increase?

Guruji: Yes, dormant energy becomes active. Like the seed which is not sprouted, it sprouts and becomes a tree.
In this world, there are good people and there are people who do not express goodness. That is all. But even they are good. There is no bad creature on this planet. Everyone, intrinsically is good.
My job is to heal and uplift the mind and spirit of people, and I continue to do that. I would urge you also to join me in this mission of uplifting people, bringing more joy and enthusiasm to people everywhere. It would be really great for everyone.

Transformation Pillars of the Society

Any big transformation in society depends on the four pillars of society:
The government
The civil societies; the NGOs
The media
The faith-based organizations, they also have a role to play

When all these four avenues or pillars of society work in unison, only then any project can be successful. Whether it is this one, or child education, or whatever. Any project in a society need cooperation from these four corners.

UNESCO can play a very important role in influencing all these four aspects of the society. The faith-based organization can influence the government, it can produce a system and tell all the governments to make multicultural, multi-faith education a part of the curriculum for children.

I would say, even if every country in the West put one percent of their defense budget in peace education, this world would be a better place to live.

Om Namah Shivay

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