Celebrating Diversity (Part 1)

When it comes to interfaith, inter-religious or intercultural dialogue in the world, I would say that there are ten major religions in the world and 600 and so branches of all the religion. If our children know a little bit about all these other religions and they grow up seeing all these are part of one divinity, don’t you think the world will be such a better place? It is not through elimination that we can make a better world. It is through assimilation that we can make a better world.

So the process of elimination should stop. Whatever is the belief system that is prevalent in the world (except if it is a superstitious thing which is harmful for society) have got their own beauty and their own uniqueness. We need to celebrate the multicultural, multi-religious events more and more.
Don’t expect others to prove their love for you. If you find that their love is becoming less, instead of accusing them saying, ‘You don’t love me, you don’t do this!’ You should ask them ‘Why do you love me so much?’ Stop complaining.

Q: When you say in the past our ancestors gave various names and forms to God. Then are Devis and Devatas created in the minds of the Rishis or did they really exist from the very beginning of the creation?

Guruji: Nobody created the rainbow colors, they exist, they are there but when the white light passes through a prism you can say you created them. If someone asks you, are the colours created by you or no, what do you say? Yes and no together because the colors are already there but it was not visible, you made it visible when you made the light pass through a prism. In the same way, the Devis and Devatas have always been there but giving them a name and honoring them was the brilliance of the Rishis.
When you are on this path, you will do everything with a smile. That is the strength of the path.

We create heaven and hell in our own mind. We should see how we can create a harmonious atmosphere here. What is heaven? It is a place where there is peace, happiness and harmony. That is heaven. Hell is a place that lacks all of this.

Om Namah Shivay

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