Vaisheshika Darshana

In spirituality, life is taken holistically. It is not that spirituality is one corner of life, it is the skill to see the wholeness of life. Everything is part of spirituality – food, music, dance, knowledge, instruments, technology; everything. And spirituality is attending to this wholeness of life.
From abundance, abundance grows. So everyone feel content and abundant. Walk with the feeling that whatever we need is already with us.
Q: What is the difference between free will and destiny?

Guruji: Just know that life is not entirely free will or destiny alone. It is a combination of the two. For example, your height is your destiny and your weight is your free will.
Q: We were studying about the Vaisheshika Darshana (one of the six orthodox schools of Hinduism from ancient India). Could you speak on how the ancient saints knew so much scientific knowledge without any instruments like a microscope?

Guruji: I think it is mind boggling. This morning I was reading a book by a scientist who has written about the physics in the Vaisheshika Darshan. I just read a couple of sutras and thought, this is mind boggling.

The Rishis in the ancient days (which is some 10,000 years ago) have described the atom. They have described that how if one atom is destroyed, it destroys many other atoms. They have explained the connection and movement of atoms, and how the knowledge of one atom alone is so liberating. This only indicates that there is another way to know things, which is not through the senses. There is what is called the sixth sense. Using the sixth sense, you can know many things about the past and the future.

If you go to the Thanjavur temple which is in Tamil Nadu which was built 1000 years ago, you can see they have carved a picture of a British man with hat and a gun. A thousand years ago there were no British people in India, and there were no guns, but they had foreseen that the British would come and rule over this place. And so they made a carving of a British soldier with a hat and a gun. So, this is possible because of their intuitive ability or the sixth sense which all of us have used at some point of time. It has to be methodically accessed through Meditation.

Om Namah Shivay

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