You are the Christmas tree that points upwards with branches on all sides. At the time of year when other trees are barren, you are green with many gifts to offer.

You bear gifts and lights — not for yourself, but for others. Remember that all the gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. Anyone who comes to you, offer them your gifts.

There were lots of presents around Guruji’s couch. John asked, “Are you going to open the gifts?” Guruji winked, pointed at the people and replied, “I am always opening the gifts.”

Your life is a gift. And you have come to unwrap this gift. In the process of unwrapping, remember to also save the wrapping papers. Your whole environment, situations, circumstances, and body are the wrapping papers.

Often when we unwrap, we tear the wrapping papers. At times we are in such a hurry that we even destroy the gifts. With patience and endurance, open your gifts – and save the wrappers!


Celebration is the nature of the spirit. Any celebration has to be spiritual. A celebration without spirituality does not have any depth. And silence gives the depth to celebration.


When you hate somebody, they occupy your mind. They are occupying a place in your consciousness, and slowly you become like them. Why you should not hate somebody is because you don’t want to be like them. This is the reason.


If there is love, then there is no fear, and if there is fear then there is no love. See, fear, love and hatred are all made up of the same energy. When there is hatred in a person, he is not afraid of anything. When there is deep love in a person, then also there is no fear. It is one energy that manifests in these three forms – love, hatred and fear.


Q: What is the difference between Guru, God and the soul?

+Guruji: Guru is knowledge, Guru is love. Guru is light, there is no difference between Guru, God and the Soul.

Om Namah Shivay

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