Cause of Terrorist Attacks and Remedy

On one hand you feel pity and compassion for these people because they have never had exposure to true human values or spiritual knowledge. They are dedicated spiritually, they want to go somewhere to heaven, they want to meet God and they want to do God’s work. This is what is motivating them to do all this nonsense. If only they had exposure to the right knowledge, to the wisdom of meditation and of Vedanta.

Had they known that divinity is within each and every one of us, here and now; do you think they would go and do such things? Never! So the onus of responsibility lies on us too. We have not made the knowledge reach the entire world. We have to expand the reach of this knowledge to every nook and corner of this world. Like how people all over the world know how to brush their teeth. I would say that nearly all of the 7 billion people know how to brush their teeth. Why is it so? It is because we have taught them. We have cultured it in them.

Everybody wears clothes. Everybody takes a shower. Like this, everyone has to be taught mental hygiene, and meditation is mental hygiene. Knowledge keeps you mentally sane. Like dental hygiene, we must teach mental hygiene also to everyone in the world.

Teaching people non-violence is the first step towards it. “What are you fighting for? Why are you killing each other? Come on wake up”. In the name of religion, all these heinous crimes are happening because they think that they are doing good and they will go to heaven if they do it. They need an education that can make them experience heaven here and now. They do not need to look somewhere else. This is essential.

Peace education is missing in the world. If every child is taught the way to manage his own emotions and his own mind stuff, the world would be a much better place. You may not be able to eliminate violence totally, but you can reduce it to the minimum level.

Om Namah Shivay

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