Managing Imperfection

Misunderstandings crop up, it is a normal and natural phenomena, whoever it is, maybe your best friends, there will be some misunderstanding. Between husband and wife, there will be some misunderstanding. Between parents and children, there are misunderstandings happening. Wisdom is to rise above it. We get so upset and angry because we don’t leave room for imperfections. We should leave a little room for imperfection.

You know, you keep a garbage can at the house so that you can put any garbage in the can. Suppose you think there should be no corner for the garbage can at home, do you know what will happen? There will be garbage everywhere, in the whole house! So, this is why we must leave some space for imperfections. If someone is imperfect, just accommodate them. In due course of time, they’ll change. This will increase your tolerance level. You know, today, this is what we lack very seriously. People are becoming less and less tolerant. Look at the older generation, how calm and tolerant they are. And look at the other generation – how intolerant they are becoming! This is the case all over the world: in the East, West, North, and South, everywhere.
Life is like a river. Sometimes muddy water fills the river, sometimes clear water fills it; sometimes all the leaves of the fall float in the river and sometimes logs float, but the river never stops. A river has something to teach us, and that is — just move on. That’s it.
Q: Why does anyone on this planet ever need to suffer?

Guruji: Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. One doesn’t need to suffer if they are educated and if they have the knowledge.
I consider aggression as a sign of weakness. Anger is a sign of weakness.

Om Namah Shivay

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