If there is love, then there is no fear

If there is love, then there is no fear, and if there is fear then there is no love. See, fear, love and hatred are all made up of the same energy. When there is hatred in a person, he is not afraid of anything. When there is deep love in a person, then also there is no fear. It is one energy that manifests in these three forms – love, hatred and fear.

Q: Guruji, how to live life with absolute confidence that Guru or God is there to take care of me when I have surrendered?

Guruji: There is no way you can do it! You simply have to bear the cross. ‘Whatever happens, happens’, just say that and then see what happens.

If you’re trying to bring in confidence, it doesn’t work at all. ‘I want to keep my faith’, what faith do you want to keep? Throw your faith! You’re trying to keep your faith is such a burden I tell you. Instead say, ‘I don’t care!’ If there is faith, it is there. If there is no faith, it is not there, what can you do? It is as simple as that. Even faith is a gift. You cannot try to force faith on your head or your heart.

Sometimes, even when your head, with all its chattering and all its negativity discards faith, still, something in you stirs and pulls you in that direction. Just recognise when this happens. And it does happen. Someone says, ‘I don’t believe in anything’, but still he sits and does his meditation. And if you ask him, ‘Why are you doing meditation?’ He says, ‘Well, something tells me to do it’.

A person says, ‘I don’t believe in Guru!’ Yet, when Gurudev comes, he will say, ‘Since I have nothing to do, let me go there’, and he will be there. Something pulls the person, makes him come to the airport, or come to the satsang. What is that?

You decided that you don’t have faith, and you tried hard to destroy your faith, or deny that you have any faith, and still, there is something that came along, that didn’t allow you to let go. There you must recognise, ‘Yes, faith is there.’

So, faith cannot be imposed, it is there. Once it comes, it stays. If it goes, it makes you miserable. When you become miserable, know that, ‘Faith is gone, that is why I am miserable’. And you don’t want to be miserable. So the moment you resolve that ‘I don’t want to be miserable’, then faith continues to stay back. Faith was there anyway, it just re-surfaces again. Faith remains, and it surfaces when sattva or purity or harmony happens in you. All that you can do is, keep the harmony, and keep your mind clear through proper exercise, food and knowledge. All this will help you grow in that direction

Om Namah Shivay

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