Dealing with Organizational Politics

Listen, where there are people there is politics. What does politics mean? It means people. The world has (people) politics everywhere. If you think there is politics, it appears even bigger. If you think people are different, with different roles to play, different tendencies, and it is not necessary that everyone likes everybody, then you will not see it as politics. Some people like you and some don’t like you. Everybody’s vibes do not match with everybody.

Why do you say politics? It is because your vibes have not matched with someone. You cannot find an escape to such things anywhere in the world. You should simply see that we are much beyond and above this politics.

We are here to bring happiness, and we should be focused on that. If you focus on knowledge and know that you are connected with me, nothing can deter you from that.

Q: I want to understand about desires and how we are meant to deal with them. I feel that I shouldn’t be in the desires, yet I still want to achieve things or find myself attracted to another person. If we don’t have desires, where do motivations in life come from? Thank you.

Guruji: Fine, have desires. Who said no? You should have desires, but the desires should not have you. It is like the horse is in control of you, and you are not in control of the horse. If you are, then it’s a difficulty.
There is a story of Mulla Nasruddin. He was on the horse. And the horse was going round the same circles, same streets! So people asked him, “Mulla, where are you going?” He said, “I don’t know, ask the horse!” So, we are in similar situation most of the time in our lives. Our desires have us and they ruin us. Instead you should have desires, but you should be able to drop them any time you want to, and have them any time you want to! You should be able to get onto the horse when you want to and get out of the horse when you don’t want! Rather than you getting stuck in the horse, or horse throwing you down. Correct? That is more misery.

When the mind becomes empty, then any wish or desire that you have at that time instantly manifests. This is a great secret.

Om Namah Shivay

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