Are YOU Ready to MAKE a BREAK?-3

Breaking THROUGH

Seeing this connection between our stress (unhappiness), our attachment and our dependencies, triggers the big realizations that we need in order to remain internally free. Realizations like, “It’s not them it’s me that’s making me upset and unhappy”. Insights like, “I am not a victim if I so choose”. Break through moments like, “I already have everything I need”. Every such AHA moment is another ‘breakthrough’ to what is true. Each ‘breakthrough’ signals another step towards our liberation from our self created fragmentation and the stress that arises.

Breaking IN

This process of ‘waking up’ requires moments of introversion and introspection. Only then do we ‘break out’ of our habit of living IN what’s ON our mind. Only then can we ‘break in’ to our deeper states of being that are prior to the mind and thinking. These states include our inner peace, our capacity to be love itself and to know the joy of our own heart. Relearning how to ‘feel’ these states is only possible when we stop allowing our feelings i.e. our emotions, to be shaped and dictated by our attachments and our dependencies. We previously believed that the emotions that arose from those attachments/dependencies were ALL that we could feel. But once you ‘let go’, once you ‘break through’ the layers of attachment and ‘break in’ to those deeper levels of being, you rediscover your capacity to ‘feel’ the true and deeper nature of your self in your liberated state. That is, and always has been, the purpose of meditation; to ‘break in’ to a higher level of energy, a more enlightened state of being.

Breaking OPEN

One ‘pay off’ from ‘breaking in’ and restoring the awareness and the feelings of our true nature, is the ‘breaking open’ of our heart. Where before we were closed around the things, people, ideas and beliefs, that we were attached to, fearing loss or damage, we become open again. Where before we may have felt our heart was broken at the loss of something or someone that we deemed to be precious, we are now able to respond with the gifts of a quiet acceptance and serenity in the knowledge that everything and everyone comes to…pass! This is only possible when the chains of attachment that we placed around our own heart have been broken, melted down and refashioned into such gifts!

An truly open heart is the result of realising, “I am attached to and dependent on no one!”. With that realization comes the ability to be truly generous and kind, loving and embracing, unconditionally accepting and respecting of everyone! Where before you may have felt vulnerable and therefore fearful of the loss or the withdrawal of another’s approval or affections, now you have the strength of your unneedy heart back. You become invulnerable to others moods and inclinations, others reactions and intentions. It becomes much easier to maintain your inner stability in the face of ever changing relationships and situations.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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