Are YOU Ready to MAKE a BREAK?-1

It’s surprising the frequency with which we refer to the concept of ‘breaking’ during the course of day-to-day life. The idea of something being broken tends to have a negative connotation. But not always! You break the back of a task; you are sadly thinking of breaking up with someone; the horse was wild but now it’s tame after it’s been broken in; you won the tennis match because you broke the serve of the other; it seems you got the breakthrough that you wanted; we broke off our negotiations; there are many break away groups; them’s ‘the breaks’…as they say, in not very good English!

Generally, when something in the world around us is broken it’s a cue for some sadness and perhaps a few tears. That’s what we learn as we emerge from our cots and stumble into childhood. It often starts with the first ‘broken’ toy! It signifies a perception of a loss of wholeness, of completeness, a loss of integration. And so it is that we grow up fearing that things, relationships, even our spirit, will in some way, be ‘broken’.

However, within our consciousness, within our ‘self’, some breaking is necessary if we are to be truly free! It seems paradoxical but it’s only when we start the ‘breaking process’ can we restore our wholeness, become aware of our completeness and rediscover our integrity. Only when we start ‘breaking apart’ what we have learned and assimilated can we set our self free of the illusions that sustain our feelings stress and suffering and the delusions that sit at the heart of our many moments of ‘emotional disintegration’. Lurking behind all the disjointed fragments of the learning and conditioning that we assimilate during our journey into adulthood lies an awareness of our wholeness and completeness of being. It is from this awareness that the deepest happiness that we call contentment arises.

But to restore and reconnect with that wholeness we need to be like one of those ice breaker ships that carves its way through the frozen seas of the artic. We need to cut through and break up all those illusions and delusions that stand in the way of our seeing and knowing our self as the whole and complete being that we are. That process takes place entirely within our consciousness.

Om Namah Shivay

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