Beautiful Life-2

There was a yogi who manifested God with his searing penance and asked for the boon of immortality. God made him immortal and the yogi was filled with pride. He settled down in a village and began harassing its people by forcing them to serve him at his beck and call. Knowing he was immortal, the villagers submitted to his demands, but his atrocities only increased.

In the same village lived a burly wrestler who decided enough was enough.

“I’ll break every bone in your body and pull your eyeballs out,” he said to the immortal yogi.

“Ha! No one can kill me.”

The wrestler pounced on the yogi and surely enough, crushed every bone in his body and left him blind. With the boon of imperishability, however, he wouldn’t die. But at the same time with a body that could no longer move, eyes that could not see anymore, he lost all desire to live. People took their revenge on him and he was left all alone to die. But die he could not.

Eventually, he figured that death was the only way to end his suffering. He fervently prayed for death. All he wanted to do was die. He realized that immortality wasn’t a boon. At least, death would give him a chance to be born again and not make the same mistakes. He would get a new body, a new lease on life, he thought.

I’m not saying that anyone should pray for death or close out the account of their life. I’m simply saying that most of us want to hold onto eternity, a sort of permanence. The truth is when you see life not as a burden but boon, when you see its temporary nature not as a shortcoming but solution, life feels like a big blessing then.

Since we are here, we may as well live with gratitude and positivity. We are at the party now already, we may as well rejoice and join in the festivities. What’s the point in sitting in a corner and brood and whine? It’s not going to uplift anyone’s mood. We may as well celebrate life, celebrate you.

The parents of a child were distressed when they lost Tinker, their pet dog. They didn’t know how to explain death to their five year old son.

“What happened to Tinker, mummy? Why isn’t he moving?”

“He’s dead, sonny,” the mother replied. “He’s gone to heaven, to be with God.”

“Why?” the child said innocently. “What’s God gonna do with a dead dog?”

If we are not frolicking with life while we are here, if we are not sportive while we have a chance, how could we possibly enjoy anything in any other world (or lifetime)? After all, we carry the same tendencies forward. It’s now or never. This is it, this life, however it is, it’s a boon. Why live it any other way?

Sparrows come when the sun is out, they hunt for food and fly back to their nest in the evening. Quite similarly, soul finds a womb when the time is right, lives a life and goes back to merge in the Supreme Consciousness. Or, it is reborn to fulfill its desires like the hungry bird that continues flying in search of food. This is the cycle of samsara. This is the mystical play of nature. Transient but eternal. Sophisticated yet simple.

At any rate, it is a blessing. Like our lives, like our planet. Beautiful.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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