Beautiful Life-1

When I came back to my room in the afternoon today after meeting ashram visitors, it had just stopped raining. Almost. It was drizzling lightly giving the feeling as if you were standing in the misty clouds. Soon it stopped drizzling too. I could hear birds chirping at a distance.

The winter sun playfully peeked out of the clouds spreading the blanket of warm light on my study table. The tweeting of the birds felt closer. I got up and looked outside the other window. Oh, what a beauty. Tens of little sparrows were merrily scuttling about fetching their food from the ground. Although I couldn’t be sure what exactly they were pecking at. Their movements were synchronized. I watched the divine rhythm for a good few minutes. The sky became gray and it was raining again. The sparrows went quiet and then disappeared like rainbow in a blue sky.

Mountains stood where they were and the river continued to flow indifferently. Everything in the world was going on as it was earlier. I was awestruck. There was something so simple about those beautiful little birds, their act, that I almost slipped into deep samadhi. They came out when the sun emerged, got to work and went away in hiding when it rained.


Simplicity is spirituality.

Even meditation is done so that you understand yourself better, so you may examine your life with discerning wisdom and de-layer yourself. Correct meditation leads to expansion of consciousness, which makes you childlike. You begin to see things and phenomena without judgments. You realize that any complexity in your life is merely your interpretation of how you see or experience anything. A sense of simplicity helps you to declutter your physical and mental space.

When your headspace is clear, your life becomes simple automatically. You naturally develop a spiritual outlook. And how to know if you are inching towards spirituality? For one thing, you start to see everything as a blessing in life. The temporary and transient nature of this world bothers you no longer. As you delve deeper into your own infinite existence, you become increasingly unafraid. Because at the root of this spirituality is the simple understanding — everything is a blessing.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!


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