How to Make Someone Happy-2

A man got married to the woman of his dreams. He was head over heels for her and couldn’t believe his luck when she agreed to marry him. After their engagement and before the actual wedding, every night he thought about her. He had no doubts that theirs was going to be the most loving, functional and finest married life ever known to the mankind. His fiancée had a high opinion of herself. (When you believe you are better or superior than your partner — you can forget about happy marriage.) They got married with great fanfare. His wife loved eggs for breakfast. So, when they were away on their honeymoon, the husband made poached eggs for her in the morning.

“These aren’t done right,” she said scornfully.

The man felt bad that he couldn’t please his wife and made even greater effort the following morning.

“Oh, I can’t eat poached eggs everyday, y’know.” She refused to eat them today.

He made scrambled eggs the next morning.

“It’s okay but too fatty. Just boiled eggs with salt and pepper would have been better.”

The next morning, to give her a choice, he brought out two dishes: a plate of scrambled eggs and two boiled eggs. He was certain that today she would be happy.

“What’s this? You boiled the wrong egg,” she screamed.

You know where this marriage is headed. Should I tell you the easiest way to make the other person happy? No, it’s not flowers, things, gifts; they play a part but there is something even more important. The easiest way to make someone happy is to appreciate them. When you make the other person feel that you understand they are trying, that, you appreciate what they are doing for you and for the relationship, this right away boosts their self-esteem and morale. When you make an effort to appreciate, you directly gain from it as well. How? You actually start to see their efforts. Let’s face it, it is not an easy world out there. When you say, thank you for everything you are doing, or, you’ve cooked a tasty meal, or, I know you are working very hard, or, I can imagine how you must get so tired by the end of the day, and so on, each such utterance brings you closer, it strengthens the relationship, it fosters love and understanding.

Om Namah Shivay

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