The Well Baked Pot

If you pour water into a half baked pot, the pot becomes wasted and so does the water. If the pot is well baked and strong, then it does not matter whether you put the water into the pot or the pot into the water.

During Satsang that evening a devotee presents a beautiful hand crafted pot to Guruji. Another devotee presents a bouquet of roses. Placing the bouquet into the pot Guruji says, “If the pot is well baked, then it will hold the flowers.”

Yet another gift of sweets is given to Guruji and He adds, “When you blossom the sweets come to you.” Then came a box of (Sandesh) Sweets and Guruji concluded, “This is today’s sandesh.” (Sandesh is the Hindi word for message)


Know that there are good people in the world in every field. This world has a hundred good people, and only five bad people. If the world is bad today, it is not because of the five bad elements, it is because of the hundred good people who are sleeping. So wake them up.


Q: How do you forgive yourself and your loved ones sincerely?

Guruji: There was no difficulty for me in this. You need to ask someone who has very tough time forgiving you and then you tell them to forgive you.


To have a spiritual teacher means to feel at ease, to feel comfort and to have the confidence to go on a journey to the unknown. A spiritual teacher means: There is somebody to take care of me. If I fall, someone is there to hold me.


The definition of spirituality in Sanskrit is attaining greatest happiness, attaining greatest freedom (Nirvana) . It is natural. Like water flows down, and fire goes up, human beings want enlightenment.

Om Namah Shivay

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