The Purpose of Knowledge

Knowledge is like a detergent, it is there to purify you. After applying it, you must also wash it off. You do not say, ‘I have bought an expensive soap which I have applied to my skin and I am not going to wash it off’. You do not keep expensive toothpaste in your mouth the whole time. Right?

So, the purpose of knowledge is to get rid of ignorance. It is like detergent. You have to wash it off too. Then you become hollow and empty. Then you become Nirankaar – it means you become lighter. Otherwise the burden of knowledge can bog you down.

Q: Our horoscope is based on our birth time. If the birth time is unknown, does that mean our horoscope is wrong?

Guruji: If the timing is correct, interpretation is right. You can never say that it is 100% right. There is a probability of it being 80%-90% correct. And there is always an adrushya (invisible), i.e., an unknown influence. It can happen anytime and that is what is called grace. So grace has the ability to change anything at anytime.

Shastras (scriptures) have their significance.

Like for instance, a boy was born and the father went to the astrologer to show his son’s horoscope. The astrologer said that your son is very great. There will be many cars around him all the time around, and he will have the ability to stop anybody at anytime. So the parents thought that their son is going to become a big minister, or the president, and he will be surrounded by a fleet of cars but the son became a policeman. Today of course there are traffic lights which have come, but twenty years ago there were not as many traffic lights but only policemen who direct traffic. The father came and fought with the astrologer, ‘You told me that my son will be surrounded by a fleet of cars, but he has become a policeman’. The astrologer said, ‘See my prediction has come true even now. He is a traffic policeman and he is surrounded by many cars’. Another astrologer said to someone, ‘You will be hit by a bullet in your head’. But what happened one day, the person was wearing a big hat and something did come, but it hit the hat and took the hat away. So there is a saying in Tamil, ‘What came to head went off with my hat’. So a big trouble which would have come, by grace it went away in a small way. So here the scripture is also proved right, but at the same time you were in a right place at the right time.


Shiva Tattva is the essence of all that is unmanifest and manifest in this creation. As we relax and meditate upon the Shiva Tattva, we realize that true bliss and joy which is our real nature. Just accept everything around you, that is the essence.


With knowledge you become more simple and natural. The purpose of knowledge is not to make you arrogant, but to make you more humble. It is to make you lighter, instead of thinking ‘I know it all’.

The purpose of knowledge is to lead you from a frustrated ‘I don’t know’, to a simple and innocent ‘I don’t know’. It is to take you from an ugly ‘I don’t know’, to a beautiful ‘I don’t know’.

Om Namah Shivay

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