Do heaven and hell exist?

Q: Do heaven and hell exist?

Guruji: When you do meditation all your questions will just disappear. Heaven is here, hell is also here. Both are inside us.


If you recognize the ego of others, it will get into you, and you will walk like a mouse. Walk like a lion, and be happy. Don’t frown, or roar like a lion, just smile and feel like a lion inside.


If somebody has ego, how does it bother you? You should walk happily. They should feel ashamed looking at you. Look at this man, he is so happy! Egoistical people should feel jealous seeing you being happy. It depends on you.


Q: Would you please share with us your appreciation of soul consciousness?

Guruji: There is something in you that is not changing.

Now, if you cannot find what is not changing in you, at least can you recognize everything in you that is changing? If you just stand in front of the mirror and look at your picture that was taken five years ago, you will find that you have changed. Your body has undergone changes, your thoughts keep changing, your emotions keep changing – you cannot hold onto the same emotion forever, so emotions keep changing, and its intensity keep changing.

So everything changes, and you recognize the change because there is something that is not changing inside of you, and that is the reference point of all changes. Logging onto that is meditation. For meditation, you do not have to do something, you simply have to relax.

To me, meditation is not doing something, it is emptying yourself; emptying the vessel. When you are empty, everything becomes the same. So empty your mind for a few moments. We all take rest by sleeping but when we sleep we become unconscious for six to eight hours; we do not know where we are. But if you consciously sit, relax and clear the mind, that gives you enormous amount of energy, enthusiasm, and intuition.

Om Namah Shivay

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