Faith is an Important Factor

Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita: ‘Wherever one has faith, and whomsoever one has faith on, that faith is given by me’. It is the self which translates itself into faith. Faith comes from the self. So he says, ‘I am the one who is giving you faith’. This is similar to what I say, even love is a gift. If you feel love for someone, don’t think you can take credit for it. If you are in love with somebody, that is also a gift. Joy is a gift, time is a gift; almost everything in life is a gift, or a blessing.

Further Krishna says: ‘I have given faith, and with the faith that I have given a person engages in worship, and through this worship he attains his desires. And this is ordained by me. I have ordained this natural law’.

Desire is the source of creation, and it is the source of sustenance. And it is not against dharma, or the law of nature.


Q: Please explain Love and Life.

Guruji: Life is incomplete without love.


Now the time has come to appreciate and celebrate diversity, not tolerate it. This is something that we need to really look into. Our universe has so many varieties and we must appreciate it, enjoy it and celebrate it.

Education is what makes a big difference in anyone’s life. Now education should not be confused for collecting information. To me, education is developing holistic personalities.


Q: Please talk on angels, what is their role and purpose. Does everyone have a guardian angel that looks after them?

Guruji: Yes, angels are just positive energy.


See, doctors give you medicine, but suppose you don’t have faith in the doctor, will you take that medicine? No you won’t. And even if you do take it without having faith, will it work? No, it will not work. Faith is a factor in every function. Any function, anything you do, faith is an important factor.

Om Namah Shivay

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