Communication from a Deeper Level

We convey more through our vibrations than through our words. Our communication happens from a deeper level of our existence, and yoga is uniting with that.

You can hear a talk on love for two hours and you may not feel it. But just one glance from a baby or a puppy conveys that to you in no time. So true communication happens from a deeper level. And this communication is not just between two people or a few people. It is between us and this entire existence, and that is yoga. Yoga is not just doing some exercise. Yoga is much more. It is to bring a quality to our life. It is to expand our awareness, sharpen our intellect, and enhance our intuitive ability.

We are all gifted with sixth sense, but we seem to be losing it in the hustle bustle of life


We want to be more happy, more joyful, and we think that we can find it in those things (here meaning from sensory pleasures) but it really isn’t so. We need to go into the source of joy, source of happiness and that can come only from within.


Q: We hear that in arguably lesser spiritual society, people are giving more and more. We just heard what’s going on in the US where many billionaires can’t recall the number, giving away at least 50% of their wealth for the betterment of society. So that concept, that nature of giving, “more spiritual society” has still not seeped in. How do you reconcile that?

Guruji : I would say America is very spiritual. There is 500% increase in spiritual interest in past 10 yrs. If you go to California, there is a lot of awareness about spirituality, especially eastern spirituality. In India, there has been this tradition of giving from long back. All the hospitals are built by business families. Every dharamshalas, it was called dharamshala, talabs or the ponds are made by the business houses. Temples are built by business houses. Not by the government, but business houses. If at all Indian spirituality is sustaining, it is being sustained by the business rather than the state throughout the country. Yes, there has been a decline in giving in the past few years. It is lack of spirituality. Maybe they are going down in spiritual values.

Maybe in some places, they are becoming more religious than spiritual. That could be a reason also. But still even today if you go to villages, the amount of caring and sharing the people have is amazing. You go to any village, they may have just 1 glass of lassi but they will share half with you. They do value these values of sharing. It’s in the villages but is disappearing from the urban areas as you say. And it has to be brought back.


Anything you do in life, it is all directed towards being happy. Why do you even do some service to somebody? It is because it gives some happiness to you. When you serve someone it gives you joy.

Om Namah Shivay

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