Win Over The Turmoil Inside

When we get into this complex emotional turmoil, so much time and money is wasted. Not only do we waste our time, we waste someone else’s money and time through phone calls. If people get over this emotional turbulence, if they don’t succumb to it and waste time, the world would be a much better place, and we can save trillions of dollars.

All the ancient wise men and women have asked, “When will we wake up from this maya? This is all an illusion. It appears to be something but in reality it is not that. And winning over maya is being a mahaveer (a great warrior). You can win over people outside, but when you can win over the turmoil inside and be still and keep a smile, then you are a great warrior, and that requires valor.

If we run away from something, we are only running away from our self. People run here and there like headless chickens with likes and dislikes, and get nothing. Who cares what you like and dislike? How long does it take to dislike something you like, and if you dislike something how long does it take to start liking it again? We need to wake up from this slumber. That will bring inner strength.

Q: What is the journey of the soul after death? If there are unfulfilled promises, does it return to you in some form or the other?

Guruji: Yes. It’s a vast Universe and this is a vast field. So the souls do come, sometimes they come with limited years, after that they go and come back. Life is a continuum.
In meditation a million things can come up, but if you raise your head above all these conflicts, and feel unmindful of it, not questioning why they have come, it makes you go deep in your meditation.

Om Namah Shivay

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