Can a saint also be a warrior?

Q: Guruji, Guru Gobind Singh was a warrior. Can a saint also be a warrior?

Guruji : Absolutely! Saints used to be warriors. Vishwamitra, Parshuram, etc. There are so many Rishis in Shrimad Bhagvatam who were warriors. Guru Gobindji raised this slogan, ‘Sant sipahi bano’ (a saint should become warrior).

In fact only a saint should be a warrior. If someone whose heart is clean becomes a warrior, then good will happen for everyone. If an angry, greedy, arrogant person becomes a warrior, then he will just mess up. Mahatma Gandhi is also in that category, he was a saint as well as a warrior. In each one of us there is a saint and a soldier, wake them up, it is time. There is an opportunity in India, in 2014, to be a sant sipahi (saint who is a soldier). Wake up the lion asleep in you. India has fallen, in every way it has fallen. In the world of spirituality also, strange things are being heard. Too much degradation. So, the politics of this country should be cleaned up first. You should stand up for that. Look, if we hire a guard at home, we only give a duty of 8 hours to the guard, isn’t it?

In a day, there are 3 guards. Their duty changes in 8 hours, because they get tired after 8 hours! So, when at home, we change guards every 8 hours, how will it work if we keep the same guard for 10 years!

If you drag a tired person and insist him to guard, is it injustice or not. It is against the labour laws. A change is required. Time and again, a change is required.

Om Namah Shivay

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