So you’ve made a mistake. Who hasn’t?

But perhaps you feel it’s pretty serious one. I have always liked the following quotation from Grove Patterson, a famous editor:

A boy…leaned against the railing of a bridge and watched the current of the river below…sometimes the current went more swiftly and again slowly, but always the river flowed on under the bridge. Watching the river that day, the boy made a discovery. It is not a discovery of material thing, something he might put his hand upon. He could not even see it. He had discovered an idea. Quite suddenly, and yet quietly, he knew that everything in his life would someday pass under the bridge and be gone like water…And he didn’t worry unduly about his mistakes after that. After that he certainly didn’t let them get him down, because it was water under the bridge.

A Tornado

A tornado swept through a city in southwestern US doing great damage.

A mother there, confined to her bed because of paralysis, paralyzed from the waist down, at the height of the tornado became alarmed for her two small children in the next room. There was no one to help; the tornado was striking the house with force. Her limbs were assumed to be without power, but concern for the safety of her children was stronger than her limitations. Slowly she got out of bed and painfully made her way into adjoining room. Taking her babies in her arms, she walked with them out of the house. Love proved more powerful than the paralysis from which she had been told she might never recover.

Some people become paralyzed, not in their limbs, but in their thoughts. They accept limitations by saying, ‘This is all I can do.’

But that depreciating self-appraisal is not the truth. You are greater than you are.


Om Namah Shivay

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