See how much comfort you can bring to others

Don’t sit and look only for your comfort. See how much comfort you can bring to others. Make others comfortable, and you will find that nature is taking care of your comfort. Be full of enthusiasm and zeal. Enthusiasm is like a sword which cuts through anything. And, then you will blossom. You should say I’m ready for challenge. This readiness will make you happy!


You know, sometimes we tell others that they are doing a mistake because their mistake is hurting us. When we do this they never get corrected and they never listen to your advice. But if you are telling them that what they are doing is hurting them more than anybody else, then the listening will begin. Out of compassion, if you want them to come out of their flaws, that has more chances.


Q: How do I teach my children the difference between good and bad?

Guruji : You should gather all the friends of your children; put them all together. Teach them; play with them. That will make some sense.


Q: Guruji, apart from being friendly to everyone, what kind of friends I need to have in my life? And what to do when my friends don’t stand up to me or don’t trust me in times of need?

Guruji : Listen, don’t analyze anybody. This is another conclusion. Stop analyzing anyone. Where is the time to analyze somebody, and don’t analyze yourself also. Just relax, know there is a power that is taking care of everything and the power loves you. Know this and just relax. Yeah? Best idea? You are at peace, and you will be helped that way. It is not someone who is going to help us; we have to do our thing. And nature is with us, there is a power with us which nobody can understand, even we cannot understand. So, just trust in that power and relax.


The one decision that you need to make in life is ‘I will not allow any situation to bog down my happiness’. You have to take that decision, nobody else can take it for you.

Om Namah Shivay

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