Know everything is a dream

It is impossible that someone does not get transformed after coming to a Guru. Simply impossible. If someone is standing under the Sun, sunlight will fall on him. It is impossible to say that ‘there is no sunlight falling on me’.


If one is devoted to their nation that does not mean that they are enemies of another nation. We have understood patriotism from a very narrow perspective. Now a days, you will be considered a patriot if you speak against Pakistan. This is not right. Your feelings of patriotism need not oppose or put down any other country.


Q: Sometimes even after Sadhana the chatter in my mind doesn’t stop. How do I stop the chatter?

Guruji : Dispassion is the only way to make it stop. Know everything is a dream… Worries and wants are responsible for chatter. Drop the worries and drop the wants. That is what is called dispassion.


That which you can set right, you should set it right, and that which you cannot correct, which is beyond your capacity, for that prayer is the best option.


Q: In this short life, why do we do many things we do not like?

Guruji : Lack of knowledge. Temptation of some imaginary pleasure.

Om Namah Shivay

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