Does the ego increases with self sufficiency?

Actions induced through fear can only cause bitterness, but actions which are positive in attitude will bring happiness in the society.


Q: Does the ego increases with self sufficiency?

Guruji : It is not necessary that the ego should increase with an increase in independence or with self- sufficiency. We should understand that in spite of being self sufficient, we are dependent on God.


All of our wanting to do, ‘doership’, is there to eliminate the tamas or inertia in you. Once inertia is eliminated, then you are in activity. When you are acting, you become a witness to the acting. Then you know you are not doing. Things are happening through you. This is the final level of realization.



Q: As a meditator, I know that meditation has an impact on the people around me. So then is mediation the biggest Seva (Service)?

Guruji : Does it mean that you should just sit and meditate and don’t do any seva at all? No, I don’t accept that. You should do seva also, and meditation is also essential.


When you have someone to please, it keeps you on your toes and you are happier. But if your goal is just to please yourself, depression is sure to follow.

Om Namah Shivay

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