Initiation is called “Diksha”. In Sanskrit “Di” means intellect. “Ksha” means the horizon or the end. “Diksha” means transcending the intellect. Education is called “Shiksha”, the horizon of discipline – total discipline. Discipline is needed for education. “Diksha” is needed for meditation. A Teacher gives “Shiksha”. A Guru gives “Diksha”. A Guru takes you beyond intellect to the Realm of Being. It is a journey from the Head to the Heart.

Blossoming beyond the intellect is “Diksha”. If you do not go beyond the intellect, you will not smile, you will not laugh. Once “Diksha” happens, you are happy, blissful and contented; and thirst for knowledge is quenched. Totality of Discipline is “Shiksha”; Totality of Intelligence is “Diksha”.


If you don’t have a relationship with yourself, all other relationships become shallow. And if your relationship with yourself is so profound and steady then you naturally develop the skill to handle any kind of relationship around you.


Coming out of your comfort zone time and again will expand your ability and your strength; you become stronger. You are so caught up in your comfort zone. That is the cause of your fear, your anxiety, and your bondage. Your comfort zone is your bondage. Sometimes when you wake up and say, ‘I am going to get out of this’, it brings that strength back to you.


Q: When love is our essence, why do we seek love from others?

Guruji : Perhaps you don’t know that love is your essence – that’s why! If you knew, you wouldn’t ask.


When prana level is really low, that is when thoughts of committing suicide arise. When the prana is high, this thought will not come.

Om Namah Shivay

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