I can make a change

Once we have the conviction, we can change the system, we can make a difference. As youth, you must have this conviction in your mind, ‘I can make a change.’ If you think, ‘The world is corrupt and it is never going to change, and nothing can ever change’, then your own thought, and your own vibration will bring these kind of situations around you. So you need to come up with an idealistic dream, and then you will find things do happen.


Q: At what level does the heart exist?

Guruji : Feelings. Mind that which perceives. If you see there are so many levels. You can go into more details. Consciousness is so vast and has enormous qualities, so it is very difficult to limit to a few levels. For an infant to put the first step, we say this is the first step.


Q: Guruji, how does being religious help me in my spiritual quest? How do I ensure that my daughter grows up to be a good girl devoted to God?

Guruji : Honesty in character, purity in heart, clarity in the mind and spontaneity in action, this is what religiosity should bring.

If you think that you are religious and your heart is not pure, I tell you, you are not religious. If you think you are religious and your mind is filled with worries, I tell you, you are not religious. And if you have doubts and fears, then there is something missing; the faith is missing.

So, being religious means being righteous, and preserving tradition. Doing your prayers, celebrating. All this is essential. But more essential is the spiritual upliftment.

Om Namah Shivay

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