How does one get rid of unpleasant memories and limitations?

Q: Tell us about ‘Memory’. How does one get rid of unpleasant memories and limitations?

Guruji : Memory is both a hindrance and a blessing. The forgetfulness of the nature of man is the root cause of all problems and suffering in life. The very remembrance of one’s nature, which is godliness, brings freedom in life. Here, memory is your best friend. The purpose of knowledge is to remind you of your true nature.

In the Bhagvad Gita, Arjuna said to Krishna, “I got back my memory. Now I have realized and will do as you say.” Memory is a blessing and your best friend when it comes to your true nature. Memory is a hindrance when it does not let you be free of events, pleasant or unpleasant.
Pleasant events create cravings and competition in the mind, and do not allow fresh experiences, whereas unpleasant events give a biased perception and create paranoia. So the memory is both a blessing and a hindrance, depending on whether you remember your nature or you are stuck with events in time and space.

It is memory that makes you miserable or wise. Memory of events and experiences of the changing finite binds you, and memory of your nature liberates you. Memory of the ever changing relative, however good or bad, brings bondage. Memory of the non-changing Self elevates awareness. Memory of past events and worldly concerns constricts the vastness of the self.
It is all a matter of where you are, of what you are. If you are ignorant, it is because of your memory. If you are enlightened, it is because of your memory. Forgetfulness of the trivial is ecstasy. Forgetfulness of the infinite is misery.

• Know the impermanent nature of the world and events.

• Know the non-existence of past events right now and accept them.

• Be dispassionate and centered. Memories of Self are gained by service to the noble.

• Increase prana – So Ham! So what!!

• Have Divine Company / presence.

Om Namah Shivay
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