Knowledge, Bhajan and Service

Be indifferent to anybody insulting you. Allow them to insult you, so what? Stand up to criticism; we should not breakdown when someone criticizes us. If the criticism is coming out of jealousy, frustration, or anger, it is good to practice indifference at that time.


We all have a filter in our mind. Tendency of your mind to take things which it knows & reject that which it doesn’t know, blocks creativity.


Q: Guruji, if God has created us human beings then why has he made life so complex with so many problems in our lives?

Guruji : I know you watch movies. The more complex the movie the more enjoyable it is. What you see in this world is nothing but just a movie. The director makes the movies so complex so that the viewers can enjoy it!


Q: What does Knowledge, Bhajan and Service do for us?

Guruji r: Charity purifies wealth. Ghee/clarified butter purifies food. Knowledge purifies the intellect. Bhajan purifies the mind and service purifies the action.


Doubt means that your Prana has not blossomed fully; it has not reached its peak. The Prana has gotten stuck somewhere in the body. When you are full of Prana, all doubts automatically disappear. That is why when you are very happy, there are no doubts in your mind. When you are deeply in love, no doubts arise in you. 

Om Namah Shivay

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