Health and Vegetarianism

It is a wrong notion to think that we must eat meat in order to be healthy. It is not necessary. This is a wrong notion, ‘Oh if you don’t eat meat you will be very weak’. Come on, look at a horse! You say horse power, yet a horse is vegetarian. Elephants are vegetarian. Giraffes, Zebras are vegetarian. The big fives except the lion are all vegetarian. They are not weak.

Even cows are vegetarian. Bulls are so strong. This is a wrong notion in people’s mind that only if you eat meat you will become strong. Meat causes so many diseases. Go on the internet and you can find a lot about it.


Our mind is troubled because it is dwelling on duality. It has choice, so it is more confused, ‘Should I do this? Should I not do that?’ And it is jumping all round the place. This and that! And the mind is further divided. Divided mind is misery. And one-pointed mind is joy and all those moments when you have been very happy, if you would have noticed what happiness is, it is the mind becoming one whole. It becomes so total, so much together; then you have experienced joy in life, peace in life, bliss in life. Then you have experienced life itself totally. Duality and divided mind is the cause of fear and misery


Q: Guruji, I am young and sometimes I like to go out and drink with my friends. I don’t feel guilty. Should I?

Guruji : Sometimes you do so only socially. When you become unhappy, this socialising drink will catch on and you will drink more and more. You could become an alcoholic. Just say no, keep away. Be firm that you won’t have it, then you are in a safe place. From here, you can never turn into an alcoholic. I’ve seen so many people become alcoholic with the same logic. They start with ‘once in a while’. Alcohol does so much damage to your nervous system that can reflect in the pure consciousness, the deeper reality. Drink brings dullness. It is like driving with the brakes on. If you want to progress, you must put some barriers,for instance, tobacco. Smoking was considered part of the culture some 35-40 years ago. Today, it is not. We have been saying this for years and it has taken so long and cost millions of lives. So many lives would have been saved. No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol – put these barriers.

Om Namah Shivay

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