Remaining Unaffected (Part 1)

Lord Krishna says, ‘If this entire creation comes from Me, and if I am the doer of all this (the action of creation), then obviously I should also reap the fruits of this action. But this is actually not so. O Arjuna! Though all creation is created and sustained by Me through Prakruti and this Prakruti resides in Me, yet I am unaffected by the action and the fruits of creating the creation’.

Now how is this possible? For example, can anyone pollute the Space element (within which everything is contained)? It is not possible.

You can pollute the Earth, Water, Fire and even the Air, but can you pollute Space? Not at all! If the air is dirty and polluted, you can switch on the fan and all the bad air goes away. But the Space element always remains as it is, pure and unchanged.

So in the same way, Lord Krishna says, ‘Just as the Space element remains unaffected, in the same way I too am unaffected by everything even though all action (karma) happens within Me and through Me (that is, through the Lord’s Divine energies). I am not bound by any action or its fruits’.

This is why, when a Jnani (wise person) does anything, he remains unaffected by the fruits of that action. He does not suffer any ill-effects of his actions.

Om Namah Shivay

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