What is it that God does not have?

A wise person is one who feels that he has received much more than what he deserves. When this realization dawns in a person, he is filled with love, gratitude and contentment, and spontaneously seeks refuge in the Divine.


What is it that God does not have? He does not have problems, miseries and difficulties; and that is what he asks you to give him. Can you not give this to him? So surrender all your negative qualities to him.


Celebration does not have to be outside work. Anything you do, do with an attitude of celebration. It’s much less tiring, less draining on your system and more elevating.


Recently, across the world, there has been a failure of government and large corporations to solve economic problems and timely react to natural disasters; also, for the average person, these institutions appear to have been at the center of many of the ills that affect us. As a result, gradually, many are turning away from reliance upon authoritarian based models to individual based structures. Slowly, we are collectively realizing that governments/corporations/religion alone cannot save us; we must all work to make the world better and begin this effort with ourselves.

More people are solving problems locally and gradually realizing that the world is made better one person at a time; this is the person centered approach. Additionally, there is growing interest in spiritual paths that emphasize personal development. Better individuals make a better world.
Personal, Corporate, and Governmental Greed, along with Religious Fanaticism increasingly are threats to our way of life.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like, Tag and Share to bless others!



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