Daily Practices to Counter Fear

Honor your Fear. Express it in healthy ways- pray, kiss your children, and be grateful for what you have. Ask the Universe/God to help you go beyond your fear and live a full life. Offer up a prayer of gratitude/thankfulness for what you do have and not what will be taken; turn to love and gratefulness. Ordinarily, the mind is so constructed it can only keep one thought in it at a time. Scenarios of the world ending are just that. Remember, you can only control yourself and work to make your world/life better. Lead a full Life. Participate in the world; try to make it a better place. Travel to the different parts of yourself and follow one of the great spiritual paths to completion. Live in the moment. All you have is this moment; try to make it work and be joyous for you. Happiness Calendar. Every day do something small that makes you happy. Laugh, tell a joke; make a telephone call to your friends. Research tells us that happy people have many small things they look forward to each day. NEWS Vacation. Take a vacation from your computer, the television set and reportage of the bad things on the NEWS. Sit quietly or go for a walk; try to listen to that quiet part of yourself that knows where it is going. Pray. Make each moment a celebration to life and offer up a song of gratitude for the opportunity to be here. Think Happy Thoughts. And when you find yourself becoming sad, angry, confused, remember, that from confusion comes order. One moment we are happy and the next sad. We have the capacity to create our own reality, and a happy traveler thinks happy thoughts. Tell jokes, laugh, or watch a funny movie. Avoid making comparisons between yourself and others; particularly what they have and you do not have. Monitor your expectations about life and people. Often, expectations are a trap that robs us of our happiness and peace of mind (i.e., I expected by this point in my life . . . Or if I followed this spiritual path, I would be free of pain). Life can be glorious, but remember it’s a full-contact sport. Chaos and order co-exist and are part of the Cosmic Plan. Be With Positive People. Be selective with the people you hang around and what they speak/talk about. Positive/loving people are good medicine. Avoid Alcohol/Recreational Drugs. Most are depressants and can affect your mood. Balanced Living. All things in moderation and strive to lead a complete, multi-level balanced life. Replaying Old Tapes. Avoid going over and over, troubling things that have happened. Some of this is necessary, but most often, we replay it too much.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today.

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