Reason Behind Clapping during bhajan and aarti

According to Acupressure, Jin-Shin-do & Sujok systems, our hands have points to cure all the diseases & pressing them give us relief very quickly, Clap yoga is the one dimension of it. It is an old tradition to clap while singing a song or bhajan. People acclimate their feeling with clap, Clap, which represents joy, can also keep us health.

To clap, we strike our palms with each other, forcefully, it activates those points & slowly we feel improvement in any of our diseases. We can see a good example of this yoga in temples. When we clap there to practice yoga, then it produces specific sound waves that fill the atmosphere with joy. It gives strength to our blood-particles & enhances resistance. People suffering digestive disorders like constipation, gas, indigestion & loss of appetite, must practice this. Four fingers of your right hand should clap the palm of left hand, daily for 5 minutes & try to keep the clapping sound uniform. In few days, you will be cured. Patients of back pain, joints pain, and rheumatic & neck pain should practice this for 10 minutes daily keeping in mind that finger should meet fingers & palm should meet palm in every clap. In a couple of days, you will be cured.

It is a matchless medicine for low blood pressure patients. Stand erect to practice this while clapping with both hands, take the hands upward & move in a round. Remember that the motion should be circular from bottom to top. This generates energy & normalizes blood pressure. Clap yoga strengthens our lungs & heart. The best example of clap yoga is kinnar people in the whole would who never suffer from heart & blood pressure problems. We come in a state of meditation in clap yoga & therefore, we stay away from anxiety, anger irritation & lack of concentration etc.

There is only one parameter to judge one’s physical heath, mental peace & inner satisfaction that is smile on our face. A happy person lives a longer life. Laughter is also called as “Inner Jogging”. Our ancient sages discovered the importance of hasya yoga around 6000 years ago. If we realize the importance of laughter, then there will hardly be any need to go to doctors.

When you clap it represents joy and keeps us healthy. An alternate medicine system viz Jin-Shin-do and Sujok systems has revealed that our hands have pressure points which helps in curing diseases. When we strike our palms together forcefully it slowly improves our health. You would have seen at various places people clapping. This scene is common in Indian temples and at yoga classes. Clapping and laughter creates a jovial atmosphere and provides energy to our body system. People suffering from rheumatism, joint pain, pain in the back and neck can get instant relief. All you have to do is to clap for 10 minutes daily. If a person is suffering from low blood pressure can also get benefited from clapping session.

Om Namah Shivay

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  1. Chris Williams
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 17:17:17

    What a wonderful type of yoga practice!



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