Dvaita (dualism)

The most famous exponent of this school is Madhava. In this school, Brahman and the world are considered to be two equally real entities and not related in any way. Brahman here is a purely personal God, a God with the typical omniscient powers that is considered Godly reminiscent of the Gods of dualistic religions like Christianity and Islam. The god of dualism is the Hindu God, Vishnu. Vishnu has created the world, and the world stands separate from God and in an inferior position to God with no link between the two. Vishnu controls the world and all world events, and the duty of all persons is to worship and pray to God. The Dualistic philosophy is a simple philosophy, easy to understand and relate to. It appeals directly to the heart, in the desire of all persons to have a God to worship and surrender oneself to.

Om Namah Shivay

***Write ” Om Namah Shivay ” if you ask for God’s blessing on your life today. Please Like and Share to bless others!



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